Business & Legal:

We represent global businesses and support them in coordinating with businesses, government and regulatory organizations to implement the company’s business plans.

speciality : virtual Remote office, Data Entry & Processing, personal & corporate taxes, bookkeeping & accounting, company Incorporations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business plans, Patent and trademark registrations.


we have a competitive advantage as we advocate a team approach in planning, implementation & disposition of projects in high growth sectors ,Our strategic partnership with financial consultants will enable to have access to a wide selection of financing options which suits your strategic business & financial goals .

Speciality: Financial planning & analysis, Institutional funding, Venture capital & Private equity financing, International project financing.

Business Development :

our business development professionals have extensive experience in major markets and have been successful in implementing projects internationally.

Speciality: Business and Market research, Competitive analysis and Business intelligence, Business development and Market entry strategy, Channel /Distribution management, Launch plan and implementation:

Regulatory Services:

our regulatory professionals have experience working with international regulatory authorities and have worked with Health Canada, US FDA, CDSCO (India) & MOH (IRAN).

Pharmaceuticals: DMF applications, drug establishment license submission, Din applications, ANDS, NDS, product monographs, annual report, post marketing activities, ADR reporting.
Food, Nutraceutical & cosmetics: Product license application, labelling review, ITC applications, and cosmetic notification forms
Biologics, Vaccines & Medical devices: Clinical trial site information form submission, new Product License submissions, Application for investigational testing authorization, application for new medical device license, medical device license amendment application form.

Research, Analytical & Manufacturing:

our techincal expertise and understanding of global regulations enables us to connect to our research, analytical & manufacturing partners in NCE, API, Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, cosmeceutical Industries.

Speciality: Custom synthesis, Formulation & Product development, Analytical & stability testing, Development and commercial Manufacturing

International Sourcing:

Our sourcing specialists through our procurement network are able to meet the global sourcing needs and also handle all stages of supply chain management.

speciality: Procurement, price negotiation:, logistics coordination, import/export documentation & clearance :


Our marketing professionals have extensive experience in major markets and have been successful in implementing projects internationally.

Speciality: Telemarketing, Experimental & Tradeshow marketing, Relationship & channel marketing, Sales promotion marketing, Direct mail marketing , Advertising & E -marketing